Nguyen Tat Thanh University promotes the use of energy-efficient light bulbs

In the 2018-2019 academic year, Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) is one of the pioneers to promotes the use of energy-efficient light bulbs in order to develop modern facilities, more environmentally friendly campus. NTTU also aims to raise students’ awareness of current environmental issues by taking specific actions.

The Earth is warming up day by day due to many factors, one of which is the influence of electric heating. In the current era of technology and development, it is inevitable to use electrical devices from lights, televisions, refrigerators, phones to equipment of workshops and factories. Electricity is an important element of our daily lives, regardless of rural areas or the central cities.

 For a normal incandescent light bulb, it consumes about 0.06 kW/h, and for an LED bulb (low-energy bulb) the average electric consumption is 0.015 kW/h. This is less than a quarter of electric consumption of a traditional light bulb. That is not simply reducing electricity consumption but also reducing the cost of living of households.

Let’s see together how much electricity we spend on 1 light bulb per month on average. If a family spends an average of 1 day uses of a light bulb for 6 hours:

*Incandescent bulbs:

0.06kW x 30 days/month x 6 hours/day=10.8kW x 3000VND/kWh=32,400 VND/month.

*LED light:

0.015kW x 30 days/month x 6 hours/day= 2.7kW x 3000VND/kWh=8,100 VND/month.

Thereby, replacement of incandescent bulbs to LED light bulb could save money and prevent global warming. NTTU fully recognizes this importance and install the lighting systems with energy-efficient light bulbs.

NTTU uses energy-saving bulbs, both reducing electricity consumption and protecting the environment

In addition to changing light bulb systems, the University also raises the awareness of students and staff about switching off electrical devices when it is not in use; organize an annual Earth Hour event to both raise electricity user awareness and commitment to community activities.

Let’s work together to protect this planet. Let’s start with the smallest action of saving electricity. This is a goal that NTTU lecturers and students are striving to achieve together for a sustainable world.

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