1. Vision

By the year 2035, Nguyen Tat Thanh University becomes an applied multi-disciplinary and multi-level University that is globally integrated, training the human resources that meet the local and international standards and demands, and well adapt to Industry 4.0.

  1. Mission

Nguyen Tat Thanh University embraces the mission to train highly qualified human resources that are locally and internationally competent, with solid entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and spirit of innovation, through training, applied research, technology transfer, and community services, leveraging its strategic alliance with the enterprises and research institutes.

  1. Core values:

▪       Being united (as a solid team, working towards common goals)

▪       Being integrated (locally, regionally and internationally)

▪       Being dynamic (in studying, researching and working)

▪       Being intellectual (at work and in life)

▪       Being accountable (to oneself, the family, the community and the society)

  1. Philosophy of education“Real Learning – Real Success – Real Prestige – Real Future

Adopting “student -centered” approach, the University embraces its education philosophy being “Real Learning * Real Success * Real Prestige * Real Future”

 We believe it is in an academic environment well connected with the industry in applied research and community services that students’ capabilities and skills are built. Practical experience gained in such favorable learning environments helps learners to earn practical knowledge and skills, envision their own future, nourish their desire to serve the community and build their personal brands with professionalism and ethics.

  1. Strategic goals


  • Renovate the University’s governance system towards strengthening autonomy and accountability.
  • Develop human resources to ensure the capacity to meet the requirements of professional figures, create competitive advantages, sustainable development and international integration.
  • Effective and sustainable Financial Management, consistent with university autonomy.
  • Modernize the facilities in line with the university’s development to meet the requirements of training, scientific research and community service.


  • Create an environment to promote international integration activities at the University.
  • Accelerate the implementation of international cooperation activities throughout the University.
  • Strengthen the university’s reputation/position in the international community.

Quality assurance:

  • Enhance the total quality assurance system.
  • Institutional research aims to drive data-based quality assurance decision-making.
  • Accredit the education quality up to the national and regional sets of standards.
  • Affirm the position of the University nationally, regionally and internationally through Star Rating and Rankings.

Academic training

  • Complete training policies and documents to ensure the autonomy in academic activities.
  • Develop the training scale in line with the University’s development direction.
  • Training programs are designed and implemented in the direction of Competency based Education based on OBE; meeting international standards.
  • Enhance the quality of teaching and learning to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the training activities through assessment and comparison of core indicators.

Science research

  • Developing and promoting science and technology activities towards applied research to improve training quality; technology transfer and community service; innovation and entrepreneurship; build a digital transformation ecosystem, improve the university’s scientific reputation nationwide and worldwide.

Learners and community services:

  • Nurture an environment for academic activities, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativeness for learners
  • Improve effectiveness of implementation programs, spread positive impacts, promote useful values to contribute to practical solutions of society’s problems through connection activities and community service.