Innovative Communication students gain practical insights from ‘’insiders’’ at VOV Traffic

NTTU – Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) has always adhered to the philosophy of “education with practicality” and “listening to” the market to best meet the practical needs of human resources. Therefore, the university has strategically collaborated in education and employment with thousands of businesses operating in various fields. On December 26, NTTU’s Faculty of Innovative Communication organized a field trip and practical learning session for students at VOV Traffic – Southern Region.

Students visiting and learning from the practical work experience of professionals at VOV Traffic – Southern Region

This activity belongs to the course named Introduction to Public Relations with the aim of equipping students with practical knowledge of the current industry situation and cultivate observational skills and proactive learning. Representatives from VOV Traffic – Southern Region enthusiastically supported and guided the students during the visit, providing insights into the radio program production process. Students had the opportunity to observe the work processes of professionals, from editing and technical aspects to programs hosting, gaining a basic understanding of the operations of VOV Traffic – Southern Region.

NTTU students experience participating in the programme making process in person

During the visit, students met with Mr. Bui Trong Dien, Deputy Director of VOV Traffic – Southern Region, who exchanged professional expertise with them. Additionally, leaders, editors, MCs, journalists, etc., here also shared stories about journalism and media, answering questions about future professions during the students’ field trip to VOV. Not only did the students acquire additional practical knowledge but they also experienced the real-life situation of the profession, participating in live interviews as well as recording audio and video transmitted on VOV’s media channels.

NTTU sincerely thanks VOV Traffic for their warm welcome and guidance to the students. NTTU hopes that students have gained useful knowledge and interesting experiences from this practical tour.

The visit to VOV Traffic is one of the important activities that the Faculty and the University encourage students to participate in. It provides an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience with the profession while still in university. Through this, students get a closer look at their future profession, envisioning what they can do after graduation, which position position, and what role they can play in the production process of a media product.

After the visit to VOV Traffic – Southern Region, students from the Faculty of Innovative Communication at NTTU have gathered more fresh knowledge for their professional journey. The program reiterates the university’s commitment to a close university-business cooperation, providing additional motivation to continue such valuable activities for students.

Faculty of Innovative Communication

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