Transfer programs in the US and tips to win a scholarship of up to 60% tuition

Studying in the US has always been a dream and aspiration of many Vietnamese students because of its world’s leading education. However, not all students meet the requirements for studying abroad. GPA, foreign language proficiency, financial capacity, and visa approval are major barriers for Vietnamese students to attend overseas study programs. For that reason, transfer programs are introduced as an optimal solution.

US transfer programs 1+3, 2+2 – New trends in the coming years.

In simple terms, “transfer programs” or “international pathway programs” are forms of joint programs between domestic and foreign universities. With US transfer programs, students will study part of the programs in Vietnam, then they will be qualified to transfer to the US to complete the programs. Upon graduation, students will receive bachelor’s degrees issued by the host country.

With preeminent advantages, the US 1+3, 2+2 transfer programs will be a new trend in the coming years

It is apparent that studying transfer programs in the US can help students save their tuition fees while ensuring the acquirement of their knowledge, skills, and qualifications as they are supposed to study in the US for 1 to 3 years instead of the whole four years. In addition, while studying in Vietnam, students can enhance their English skills, and foundation knowledge as well as familiarize themselves with the international learning environment to have the best preparation before studying abroad.

Easily “win” a scholarship of up to 60% tuition for the US transfer programs between NIIE and ASU

Recently, to develop Vietnamese human resources of international quality and the ability to adapt to the global environment, NTT Institute of International Education (NIIE) has promoted cooperation and alliance with countries with advanced global education, especially the US. The 1+3, 2+2 ASU University Foundation (ASU-UF) Study Abroad Program with a scholarship policy of up to 60% of the full course tuition fee, exclusively for NIIE students is launched.

Similar to other transfer programs, students participating in the ASU – UF program will learn:

  • One year at NIIE (Vietnam), then transfer to Angelo State University (USA) to complete the remaining three years of study.
  • Two years at NIIE (Vietnam), then transfer to Angelo State University (USA) to complete the last two years of study.

Upon graduation, students will receive a Bachelor’s degree issued by Angelo State University (USA).

Notably, to win a 60% of the tuition fee scholarship for the entire course mentioned above, students only need to meet the entrance requirements, including:

  1. Complete the high school program
  2. Get an IELTS certificate of 4.5 or higher or take the NTT Institute of International Education (NIIE) English language test as an equivalent.

In addition, students can also gain other scholarships such as the Carr Earn-In Scholarship from $1,000 – $2,500/year, a summer scholarship of $1,000/summer semester, and a free summer dormitory, equivalent of $2,000.

Going abroad and studying in the US will become easier with the ASU-UF program.

Students can choose from one of five majors: Management, Marketing, International Business, Accounting, and Computer Science. In particular, Computer Science is a STEM major so that students are eligible to apply a stay in the US of up to 36 months after graduation. This is a “worth-considering” feature if you intend to develop a long-term career or settle in the United States of America.

Hopefully, through this article, you have had a better understanding of transfer program, know more about the ASU-UF pathway program, and have essential information to prepare for the journey to chase “the US dream” ahead. If you still have any questions, please leave your information at or contact the hotline 0934.116.244 – 0938.116.244.


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