Students of Nguyen Tat Thanh University spread the spirit for the community with many meaningful volunteer activities in Spring 2023

NTTU – As usual, every New Year, volunteers of Nguyen Tat Thanh University join hands to launch many exciting, practical, community-oriented activities with the desire to bring Tet comfort for people in difficult areas. In the spring of the year of the Rabbit 2023, the volunteer campaign was again bustling with many meaningful activities.

The Volunteer Spring Campaign 2023

This year’s Volunteer Spring Campaign of Nguyen Tat Thanh University took place from December 25, 2022 to January 18, 2023 with the participation of more than 350 volunteers to perform tasks on 7 fronts (including District 4, District 7, District 8, District 12, Binh Thanh District, Hoc Mon District, Can Gio District, Thu Duc City) in Ho Chi Minh City. The Spring Volunteer Campaign 2023 will take place with four key activities and programs: “Pride of Spring”, “Tet Reunification”, “Sharing Spring”, “Soldier Spring” and “Civilized New Year” and 02 peak activity days “Spring Soldier volunteered to drink water to remember the source”, “Spring Soldier volunteered for social security”, including activities:

– Visiting, caring, giving gifts and encouraging the heroic Vietnamese mother, parents of the student movement, policy families, orphaned children due to the Covid-19 epidemic with difficult circumstances, the elderly alone, poor patients are being treated at hospitals in the city, students in difficult circumstances cannot return to their hometown to celebrate Tet.

– Carrying out 05 “Youth Spring Corners” at dormitories, student hostels, border guard stations on the Saigon River, propagating Vietnamese Tet culture to children and city people.

– Giving 100 gifts to studious students with difficult circumstances.

– Implemented 03 programs of wrapping banh chung to give to disadvantaged families and workers’ accommodation.

Besides, it also replicates volunteer activities associated with expertise from the soldiers of the Union – Medical Student Association such as organizing free medical examination and distribution for disadvantaged people, giving Tet gifts to people with disabilities. difficult circumstances, mother VNAH, family policy; Children’s playground and Basic First Aid Training for students in Can Gio District and organized Tet visits and gifts, encouragement for disadvantaged children and poor patients being treated at the Hospital.

– Organize propaganda activities to raise awareness of environmental protection, do not litter in public places, build a civilized urban lifestyle, organize propaganda activities for a happy and healthy lifestyle during Tet, propaganda food hygiene and safety and fire and explosion prevention, promoting communication activities to introduce the meaning and activities of the unit in the campaign, implementing propaganda products for the campaign….and many other activities other meaningful action.



In the program “Border gratitude” in 2023, themed “Spring flowers of soldiers”, the students performed art performances, organized a children’s playground, cooked dumplings, and presented gifts to the soldiers, children in difficult circumstances, visit, make cards and wish Tet greetings to armed forces units on duty at the border guard station in Can Gio district.

  • Awarding 30 scholarships to students with difficult circumstances.
  • Giving gifts to soldiers in difficult circumstances, households keeping protective forests in Can Gio
  • Visiting, wishing New Year and decorating spring corners at border guard stations.

The program “Warm winter – Spring love” was implemented by the Union of Lecturers – Employees. Visiting and giving gifts and necessities to share difficulties for children at Thien Phuoc Shelter, District 12.

The third “Tet full of love” program in 2023, giving more than 100 gifts to disadvantaged households, 10 scholarships to students overcoming difficulties and studious, and visiting 5 disadvantaged households, especially in Tich Thien commune – Vinh Long.

The program “My hometown’s New Year’s Day” in 2023, organizing children’s playgrounds, performing New Year’s scenes, giving gifts and scholarships to students of Phong My 2 Primary School, Cao Lanh, Dong Thap.


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