NTTU and Nha Trang University jointly confer Master’s and Doctoral degrees

NTTU – On October 26th, 2023, Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) visited and worked with Nha Trang University (NTU). The two universities officially signed an agreement to cooperate in conferring Master’s and Doctoral degrees, promising to open up many opportunities to study, research, and improve educational qualifications for learners between the two institutions.

Representatives of Nguyen Tat Thanh University at the signing ceremony include Dr. Nguyen Lan Phuong – Member of the University Council, Vice President of NTTU cum Director of NTT Postgraduate Institute; MSc. Hoang Huu Du – Deputy Director and colleagues.

Representatives of Nha Trang University include Dr. Quach Hoai Nam – Vice-Rector of NTU; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dang Xuan Phuong – Head of NTU Department of Graduate Studies and other members.

Based on similarities in training goals and development orientation, the two universities discussed and agreed on a plan and officially signed a cooperation agreement. Accordingly, the two universities will coordinate in building and developing training programs that meet social needs and gradually approach regional and international standards. They are also in charge of enrollment and coordinate training activities at Master’s and Doctoral levels.

Two universities signed a cooperation agreement to create a beneficial academic environment

These cooperative activities are carried out to capitalize each side’s strengths and develop new, specific training programs to contribute to training a highly-qualified workforce. In particular, the recognition and transfer of credits in postgraduate training programs between NTTU and NTU is an important step to create favorable conditions for students from both sides. This will facilitate learners to gain more opportunities in career development and contribute to socio-economic development.

The cooperation agreement has contributed to affirming NTTU’s brand and reputation by increasingly networking in many aspects and with many strategic partners. The two universities expectedly have their first networking activities after this meeting and open up useful cooperation programs, bringing many learning and research opportunities in an interactive educational environment towards comprehensive development.

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