NTTU’s project won Third Prize and Potential Prize at the National Startup Competition Zone Bootcamp 2023.

On January 20, 2024, the final round of the National Startup Competition Zone Bootcamp took place. Surpassing teams in the TOP 10 Student Table, NTTU’s project “MEDILEA – Product to increase efficiency from the extraction of poplar leaves in aquaculture and ornamental fish breeding” won Third Prize and Potential Prize in the competition.

Zone Bootcamp is a startup competition for students and early-stage technology startups. The competition is co-organized by Zone Startups Vietnam, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB), along with the support of startup support units including the Department of Science and Technology, the Swiss EP Startup Support Program, and the DMZ Incubator.

Medilea – The product to increase efficiency from the extraction of poplar leaves is a project researched by Nguyen Huu Tien and Doan Thi Thu Hang from Nguyen Tat Thanh University for the past 2 years. The poplar leaf extract is meant to limit antibiotics, helping to improve the quality of aquatic products in Vietnam. The product is an application to solve real-life problems, stemming from the current situation of the environmental research group after field trips.

The project representative presented the  content for the competition

The poplar leaf extract product is different from other products on the market. There are currently two product lines: Medilea for aquaculture and Medilea Pro for ornamental fish. Some key differences include the production process and technology that preserve the medicinal properties of poplar leaves. The product has been evaluated for its content of active ingredients such as Saponins and Polysaccharides, showing a very good concentration for application. The concentration technology allows for less usage while still ensuring effectiveness, minimizing the coloration of the aquarium water which can detract from its aesthetics. Additionally, the poplar leaf extract product also contains beneficial probiotics for use in fish farming, helping to improve the digestion of aquatic animals and increasing the efficiency of feed conversion.

The project team received an award in the competition.

After winning the championship in the 2023 Creative Startup Ideas Student Competition, this is another outstanding achievement that the project has accomplished. With the guiding principle of “Quality brings brand value,” the team is always oriented towards researching to enhance efficiency and continuously improve and develop further in the future.

Quy Duyen

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