Top 12 Universities in Vietnam entered University Ranking by Academic Performance

On December 5th, 2020, the World University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) announced worldwide universities officially entered URAP. In particular, Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) was placed in the TOP 12 Vietnamese universities in URAP.  

According to the results of 2020 rankings released by the World University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), there are 3,000 universities ranked, recording an increase of 500 universities in comparison with the previous year. In Vietnam, there are a total of 12 universities ranked by URAP (an increase of 4 universities compared to the rankings released at the end of 2019). In particular, NTTU takes the 7th place out of 12 universities in Vietnam. With this achievement, NTTU is the only non-public university in southern region ranked by URAP.

Nguyen Tat Thanh University is the only non-public university in southern region ranked by URAP.

URAP analyzes data regarding the academic achievements of all universities listed by Web of Sciences to conduct assessment and ranking. The criteria of quantity, quality of scientific papers, citation index and scientific impact, etc. take the biggest weight in the measurement process. The system does not use data provided by the universities themselves, as well as expert votes. Hence, it makes the ranking results absolutely unbiased from the academic perspectives.

Up to now, NTTU has over 1,500 peer-reviewed papers published on prestigious international scientific journals under the list of ISI/SCOPUS and over 600 publications on reputable domestic scientific journals. In addition, the University has cooperated with Springer Publishing to introduce the scientific journal “Vietnam Journal of Computer Sciences” and University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce to publish the ‘Southeast Asian Journal of Sciences, East -West Journal of Mathematics’.

Over the years, NTTU has always strived to strengthen and diversify scientific research. The University has implemented many initiatives encouraging lecturers and academic staff from Faculties and research centers to conduct scientific research, in conjunction with a focus on applied research, university and national level- research projects and programs. NTTU also establishes research centers and institutes with the aim of promoting hi-tech, innovative technology based on the achievements in fundamental sciences and health science, etc. In addition, NTTU always aims to create a favorable environment for the development of scientific research through the establishment of Scientific Research Fund of Nguyen Tat Thanh University with a total investment of over 60 billion VND, regular science and technology conferences, training activities associated with scientific research, etc.

Students of Nguyen Tat Thanh University practice research in the laboratory

In 2019, NTTU has obtained remarkable achievement, up to the 5th place nationwide in terms of internationally published scientific research announced by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) in the first 7 months of 2019. By 2020, NTTU reached Top 20 in terms of scientific research index in the University Performance Metrics. In addition, in the past year, NTTU has signed a number of memorandums of understanding to cooperate in training and scientific research with higher education institutions and enterprises. This will be a solid stepping stone for the University to look forward to a constant development, affirming the quality of training on the educational map of Vietnam and the world.

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) is a university ranking system developed by the Informatics Institute of Middle East Technical University. URAP’s scientific measurement is based on data obtained from the Institute for Scientific Information via the Web of Science and inCites. For the rankings, URAP uses indicators of research performance including number of articles, citations, total documents, research impact of publications, total citation impact, and international collaboration.

Hồng Quang

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