The ATER Project – NTTU’s Algae Face Mask won the Third Prize in the 2023 National Startup Project Development Program

NTTU – On December 21, 2023, the Final round of the 2023 National Startup Project Development Program (formerly known as the National Startup Competition) were held in Hanoi. Surpassing teams in the TOP 10, the ATER Project – Algae Face Mask by Agrtech Company excellently won the Third Prize in the Finals round of the 2023 National Startup Program. This is the highest award for lecturers and students nationwide in this competition.

Certificate of Merit and Commemorative Medal for the Third Prize of the ATER Project

It is known that Agrtech Company, led by CEO Dr. Tran Thanh, an Associate Professor at Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU), and students from the Institute of Sustainable Development Technology Applications under NTTU, was established and operated within the Startup Incubation and Innovation Center (NIIC).

The ATER – Algae Face Mask project was developed at the Institute of Advanced Technology Research at Nguyen Tat Thanh University. It does not contain harmful chemicals and brings many benefits to the skin. This project stems from two main trends: a deep understanding of the need to minimize CO2 emissions, a crucial global issue, and the role of algae in absorbing CO2 to maintain carbon balance in marine ecosystems. The second trend is the continuous growth of the cosmetics market, especially the demand for facial masks in Vietnam and Asia. The ATER algae mask product emphasizes the outstanding characteristics of Chlorella algae. Its ability to detoxify, supplement antioxidants, soothe and regenerate the skin, along with its distinctive green color, creates uniqueness and attraction. This uniqueness not only distinguishes it from existing spirulina algae mask products on the market but also ensures safety and high quality through strict production and testing processes. The ATER project reflects the combination of the beauty industry and environmental responsibility, opening up a new direction for the cosmetics industry in Vietnam. It not only promises beauty for consumers but also contributes to the beauty of the planet.

Also, at the final round, alongside the ATER project’s booth, two other outstanding projects from NTTU made it to the TOP 20: the “Q HAIR – Hair Care Product from Orange Essential Oil” project and the “Application of a Microbial Preparation to Treat Rice Straw and Wheat Straw in Fields, Serving Sustainable Agriculture” project. They participated in exhibitions and product promotion, reaching many guests and leaders of the Party, state, central and local authorities, leaders of provinces and cities, enterprises, leaders, and students from universities/colleges, and the press.

The booth of Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Delegates visited the booth.

The National Startup Project Development Program, initiated and annually organized by the Entrepreneur Forum Magazine, has been a regular event since 2002. Under the guidance of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and with the collaborative implementation of various ministries, sectors, and localities nationwide, the program aims to select the top 10 projects to compete in the National Startup Finals and subsequently represent Vietnam in the Global Startup Competition. This year, the ATER Project – Algae Face Mask from NTTU is among the top 10 projects and will receive guidance and support from experts to improve and prepare for the global competition.

Quy Duyen 

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