The Algae Technology for Environmental Regeneration (ATER) project of NTTU has made it to the Top 10 projects in the National Startup Development Program in 2023.

NTTU – On December 11, 2023, the semifinal round of the National Startup Development Program (formerly the National Startup Competition) took place online. Among the various projects, the “Algae Technology for Environmental Regeneration – ATER” project by Green AGRTECH, led by Dr. Tran Thanh, a researcher at the Institute of Applied Technology and Sustainable Development at NTTU, has advanced to the top 10 outstanding projects. This project was nurtured and supported by the NTTU Startup Incubation and Innovation Center. The Algae skin care mask, a product of the ATER project, is a natural combination of neem leaves and Chlorella algae, offering a unique and sustainable skin care experience. It has made it to the top 10 projects and will be participating in the final round on December 21 in Hanoi.

The ATER green algae mask, developed at the Institute of High Technology Research at Nguyen Tat Thanh University, is free from harmful chemicals and offers multiple benefits for the skin. This project originated from two main trends: a profound understanding of the need to minimize CO2 emissions, a critical global issue, and the role of algae in CO2 absorption, contributing to the balance of carbon in the marine ecosystem. The second trend is the continuous growth of the cosmetics market, especially the demand for face masks in Vietnam and Asia. The ATER green algae mask product highlights the outstanding properties of Chlorella algae. Its ability to detoxify, provide antioxidant properties, soothe, and regenerate the skin, combined with its characteristic green color, sets it apart and attracts attention. This uniqueness not only distinguishes it from other algae masks in the market but also ensures safety and high quality through strict production and testing processes. The ATER project reflects the integration of the beauty industry and environmental responsibility, opening up new directions for the cosmetics industry in Vietnam. It promises not only to enhance the beauty of consumers but also to contribute to the beauty of the planet.

The top 10 projects participating in the final round will have the opportunity to join training courses, programs, events, and activities organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Business Forum Magazine, and the National Startup Program, along with various post-competition support. Additionally, the top 10 projects will receive guidance and mentoring from experts to prepare for the Global Entrepreneurship Cup.

The National Startup Development Program, initiated and annually organized by Business Forum Magazine since 2002, is under the guidance of VCCI and involves the cooperation of multiple ministries, sectors, and localities nationwide. The program’s culmination is the National Entrepreneurship World Cup in Vietnam (Entrepreneurship World Cup Vietnam), where winning teams and successful startup projects have the opportunity to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Cup.

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