Students’ Scientific Research: Important Foundation for Driving Entrepreneurship – Innovation

NTTU – According to Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU), the promotion of scientific research among students is not only aimed at enhancing the quality of high-level workforce training but also serves as a crucial foundation for driving entrepreneurial and innovative activities, in order to seek and nurture talents in science, technology, and national development.

Creating a Research Environment for Every Student

Students’ capacity in the 4.0 era is evaluated not only in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes but also in terms of experience in participating in projects and practical activities. Therefore, scientific research is considered by educational institutions as an important tool to support innovative educational orientations.

As NTTU has identified its mission to educate individuals with solid knowledge, aspirations for innovative thinking, and creative abilities to participate in the process of innovation in society, the university incorporates scientific research, entrepreneurship, and innovation into its teaching, helping students stimulate their creativity and access practical knowledge through classroom lectures and research materials in digital libraries, the internet, or practical products… The university encourages and promotes the spirit of scientific research in students, creates a favorable environment for students to freely conduct research, and collaborates with relevant units in scientific research activities, technology transfer, organization of scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions to nurture research capabilities…

The university frequently collaborates with relevant units in scientific research, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer to organize training programs, igniting students’ passion for scientific research.

Experienced researchers are often selected as mentors to support students in refining ideas, planning research projects, and overcoming obstacles in the project development process. These mentors also serve as intermediaries for sharing new information about research, scientific conferences which students can participate in to learn.

“Scientific research at universities not only helps improve the quality of teaching and learning but also serves as a foundation for training learners into scientific and technological talents. NTTU hopes that through these activities, students will find their own methods of self-study, independence, difficulties tackling, qualities enhancement and values raising through continuous innovative thinking. Only then will they equip themselves with more practical experiences and knowledge which make it easier for them to find jobs after graduation, and even more, to start and succeed in entrepreneurship”, said Dr. Tran Ai Cam, President of Nguyen Tat Thanh University.

Final round and awards ceremony of the DESIGN THING OPEN INNOVATION 2023 COMPETITION

Many research efforts by students have borne fruit

Thanks to support from their university, NTTU students are increasingly enthusiastic about participating in scientific conferences and forums. They have demonstrated the dynamism, constant innovation, and breakthroughs of the Z generation.

In 2023, the number of scientific publications by NTTU students increased both in quantity and quality. Some students, along with their lecturers, published scientific works in reputable international journals under the ISI/SCOPUS system. Many of them achieved high results in major competitions such as Design Thinking – Open Innovation, Science and Technology Awards for students of higher education institutions, MTA Robot Challenge, SV.STARTUP etc. The university was also one of 36 units commended by Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union for its significant contributions during the 25-year journey of the Eureka Awards.

ATER – the Algae Face Mask project of Nguyen Tat Thanh University won the third prize in the 2023 National Startup Project Development Program, the highest prize for lecturers and students nationwide in this competition

Participating in the final round of the Eureka Scientific Research Student Awards 2023 with 5 topics, NTTU students brought home 9 awards, including 01 first prize, 01 third prize, 03 consolation prizes, 03 poster prizes, and 01 video prize voted most. With the project “Research, design, and manufacture of 4-parameter Monitor equipment”, student Truong Thi Thuy Trang made NTTU become the only non-public university to win the first prize. “We are proud to contribute to the research achievements of NTTU students. The results achieved are an encouraging gift for our research efforts. Hopefully, the series of awards we received this year will ignite more passion for scientific research in the NTTU student community, encouraging them to actively innovate and apply their research results to serve life”, shared Thuy Trang.

NTTU is the only non-public university with a project that won the first prize in the Eureka Scientific Research Student Awards 2023

Having supported students in researching and developing high-tech agricultural products for many years, Mr. Tran Thanh, from the Institute of Applied Technology and Sustainable Development, believes that the research products of NTTU students are all breakthroughs with high applicability. Projects like “Indian almond leaf extraction” help solve the problem of antibiotic use and chemical substances in aquaculture. Meanwhile, the project “Organic fertilizer from fruit peels and oyster shell powder” utilizes recycled agricultural waste and improves soil environment… Particularly, the “ATER” project, which develops a green algae skincare mask, has been successfully commercialized, certified for cosmetic safety according to Circular 06/2011/TT-BYT.

According to Mr. Thanh, NTTU’s active support for students participating in scientific research and entrepreneurship is an important step in building a young, innovative, and dynamic generation as the key driving force for national development.

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