“Preserving the Fire”: A Field of Study Involving “Learning One Discipline, Working in Many Professions” and Nurturing the National Cultural Heritage

NTTU – In the context of globalization and the continuous development of the tourism industry, the field of Vietnamese Studies at the Faculty of Tourism, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, is becoming an ideal destination for young souls who want to deepen their understanding of Vietnam’s land, people, and culture. At the same time, this field also opens up unexpected career opportunities, making the learning journey both exciting and promising.

The Bachelor’s program in Vietnamese Studies at the Faculty of Tourism not only emphasizes the transmission of information but also aims to develop professional competencies and attitudes towards work. Students are not just ordinary learners but also researchers, managers, and innovators in the fields of tourism and culture.

Throughout their studies, students are guided through the historical, cultural, linguistic, and other aspects of the country, providing them with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Vietnam. This helps them become versatile experts capable of working effectively in diverse and challenging environments.

Mastering the fundamental knowledge of tourism, office management, heritage management, as well as practical skills in related activities, makes students confident and ready to meet the practical requirements of the labor market.

Students organize their own graduation project events.

With a diverse range of knowledge and skills, students majoring in Vietnamese Studies at Nguyen Tat Thanh University open doors to unlimited career opportunities. These opportunities extend beyond the tourism sector to include various fields such as cultural management, event organization, communications, and many others.

Students specializing in Vietnamese culture are not only deeply knowledgeable about culture but also capable of taking on important roles such as cultural heritage research and management specialists, museum professionals, cultural communication experts, and organizers of cultural and artistic events. Additionally, they can shape and change people’s perceptions of culture through consultancy and customer care.

In this field, Vietnamese Studies students act as cultural ambassadors, focusing particularly on Vietnam’s cultural diversity. Their expertise extends to researching and managing cultural heritage, effectively conveying cultural values, and organizing cultural and artistic events. Beyond these tasks, their role is crucial in influencing and changing societal perspectives on cultural aspects.

Experiencing projects is not unfamiliar to students in the Tourism Department at NTTU. Through project implementation, students are comprehensively trained and cultivated in both skills and knowledge, critical thinking, creativity, as well as effective team bonding and spirit development.

As custodians of culture, Vietnamese Studies students are equipped with the skills to bridge diverse cultural backgrounds, providing profound insights into Vietnamese culture. This field not only imparts deep understanding of the nuances of Vietnamese culture but also equips students with the ability to actively contribute to the preservation, promotion, and development of cultural heritage. As cultural ambassadors, they become drivers of positive change, creating conditions for a deeper understanding and appreciation of Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry.

The Tourism major not only supports students in becoming specialists in planning and organizing tourism activities but also opens doors to business opportunities, developing tourism services, and consulting for clients. Students not only have the opportunity to work at famous tourist destinations but also to shape new trends in the industry.

Today, tourism is not just about moving between locations but also about creating unforgettable experiences. Students in this major are trained to understand the desires and expectations of travelers, enabling them to develop unique and suitable tourism programs and services.

Students learn from experiential trips

Through in-depth studies in tourism, students are not only event organizers but also innovators, bringing forth new ideas to enrich the tourism industry. Career opportunities in this field are not limited to working for international travel companies but also include the potential for entrepreneurship and business management.

With innovation and creativity, students in the tourism major contribute not only to the development of the tourism industry but also to shaping trends and offering new and unique experiences for travelers worldwide. This not only enriches the cultural tourism but also expands and enhances the quality of life for the global community.

Upon completing their bachelor’s degree, students from the Faculty of Tourism at Nguyen Tat Thanh University find that the doors to career opportunities and further learning are still wide open. The Faculty of Tourism at Nguyen Tat Thanh University is the first institution in the Southern region to offer a doctoral program in Tourism. This is not only a significant step forward in education but also provides unexpected opportunities for personal development and careers in education for students in the field of Vietnamese Studies.

This next stage of learning is not just a step forward in knowledge but also an opportunity for personal growth. Students will be challenged with in-depth research, participation in research projects, and the application of their knowledge in practical settings. This helps them become more specialized and proficient in their respective fields.

NTTU has a wide network of business connections

Through this continued learning journey, students not only become top experts in the tourism industry but also contribute to the development of knowledge as researchers. With advanced degrees, they can explore new opportunities in education, research, and management, contributing to the comprehensive development of the tourism and cultural community. This learning journey is not just a career path but also a journey of exploration, creativity, and innovation. It is an opportunity to build strong foundations, enabling students to become visionary leaders and make positive impacts in the field of tourism and culture.

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