Opportunities for tourism students of Nguyen Tat Thanh University to perform internship and work in Japan

NTTU – Every year there are dozens of chance to enjoy paid internships in Japan for students of the Faculty of Tourism and Vietnam Studies – Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Tourism is always an attractive industry for youth in the region and the world, thus training for this industry is not only aimed at achieving domestic standards but also towards international professional skill standards, creating opportunities for all students to integrate as soon as they are still student. With that orientation, the Faculty of Tourism and Vietnam Studies at Nguyen Tat Thanh University has been fostering the linkage between training outcomes and job opportunities and exploring opportunities for collaboration with other international institutions to “send” students abroad for internship and working, especially Japanese market with dozens of business cooperation.

In order to help students meet the requirements of Japanese businesses, from the first days of their studying, the Faculty has guided students to learn Japanese as the second foreign language besides English. In addition, each year Japanese partners also offer dozens of full scholarships (100% tuition fee) for students, ensuring Japanese Language Proficiency level N4. Businesses in Japan commit to guarantee 100% students with job placement or internship opportunities after their graduation from the university. Students can choose to participate in a 3-month paid internship. After completing the internship, you can save approximately 50-100 millions. Besides, after graduation, students can work in KTC form in Japan for 3-5 years with a starting salary of about 30-35 millions/month.

Tourism and Vietnamese Studies Faculty’s students doing internships at Japanese restaurants 

Many students after completing the internship shared their experiences with the next intakes, made them feel comfortable to gain knowledge and prepare an international dream. Mr – Huynh Tuan Vu (graduates of hotel and restaurant management specialization) shared: “My internship lasts 3 months; we still get paid during internship. We just need to pay for flight tickets and visa procedures “. Tuan Vu added: “After the internship, the Japanese company contacted and announced that I get offer of the official employment. The company financed additional Japanese language course so that I am able to return to Japan to work”. Now, Mr Tuan Vu is completing the final steps for returning to Japan.

Currently, each 3 months the Faculty of Tourism and Vietnamese Studies will send group of students going to Japan for internship. The latest group departed between June and the next one is scheduled to take off in September 2019. According to the students’ sharing, in addition to the specialized internships at the receiving institution, you also take advantage of the time to explore the beautiful landscape of Japan to learn about cultural – social knowledge, communication and tourism in Japan. During the internship, the students are designated to work in many different positions of a hotel such as housekeeping, reception, and restaurant, etc. Therefore, even if you take an internship for only 3 months, you have learned a lot of things about Japanese working process and their professional style.

In particular, the Faculty has received and trained on orders for a lot of organizations, business groups and 4-5 stars hotel of Japan such as Sheraton Hokkaido Kiroro resort, Westin hotel & resort, Ichino Mata Onsen resort, Rupert Zao, Manzatei, Nikkan Kan, Sugadaira, Kamori Kanko, etc. in Tokyo, Hokkaido, Saporro, Hiroshima and some other tourist cities in Japan.

Since then, internship in other country not only helps students have real life work experience, but also opens the door for future career. Understanding this, Nguyen Tat Thanh University’s Faculty of Tourism & Vietnamese Studies always strives to create conditions for students to have internship opportunities abroad, not only in Japan but also many other countries such as Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. It can be affirmed, this is one of the strengths of the Faculty of Tourism and Vietnamese Studies of Nguyen Tat Thanh University today.

Faculty of Tourism & Vietnamese Studies

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