NTTU Business Club 2022 Summary & Strategic Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony

In the morning of December 16th, 2022, at the 9th Floor Hall, An Phu Dong Campus, Dist.12, took place the NTTU Business Club 2022 Summary to thoroughly review activities implemented by the club within the 2022 school year. On the same occasion, the Strategic Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony was conducted with NTTU’s important partners.

In this 2022 Summary Ceremony, the NTTU leadership and attendants listened to the overall activity report and the working plan for the coming year 2023, and successively witnessed the “Business networking for cooperation and product promotion” event, though which the NTTU Business Club was fulfilling its main mission. In such program, industrial partners were provided with exhibition booths to expose their own products or services to other potential partners.

On the other hand, in the Agreement Signing Ceremony, the NTTU leadership showed gratitude and recognition by presenting Appreciation and Thanking letters to the NTTU Business Club’ s executive board, business associations and individuals for their excellent contributions and supports to NTTU in training high-quality human resources in 2022

Exhibition booths at the event

Representing the businesses were Mr. Hua Phu Doan – Chairman of the NTTU Business Club, the delegates from business associations and more than 100 other business partners currently in collaboration with NTTU.

Dr. Tran Ai Cam – President of NTTU; Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vice President and Director of NTT Institute of International Education; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong – Head of Business Relations & Student Employment Department – Standing Vice Chairman of the NTTU Business Club; Deans/Heads of faculties/departments/centers along with lecturers and more than 500 NTTU students attended in person or watched the livestream through the facebook fanpage – NTTU-ĐH NTT.

Representing NTTU, the President, Dr. Tran Ai Cam gave big thanks to NTTU’s partners for trusting, accompanying and supporting NTTU throughout its development stages. In particular, Dr. Tran Ai Cam expressed her appreciation to the members of the Executive Committee, and all members of the NTTU Business Club for constantly promoting social responsibility and enthusiastically supporting the University in many fields including training, scientific research and community service. She shared a hope that the partnership will definitely create even greater achievements in the future for all of the stakeholders.

Dr. Tran Ai Cam – President of Nguyen Tat Thanh University delivering the opening speech at the ceremony

To provide an overview of the activities of the NTTU Business Club in 2022 and the Development Orientation for 2023, Mr. Hua Phu Doan – Chairman of the NTTU Business Club shared that the Club and the Department of Business Relations & Student Employment jointly implemented and successfully achieved the TRIPLE-WIN cooperation model bringing back benefits to Students – Enterprises – Universities. In particular, the NTTU Business Club organized various major activities to facilitate commercial trade, networking events, legal support, seminars on digital transformation and finance for businesses and students. The NTTU Business Club also attracted a great amount of membership, so far there have been more than 300 businesses participating as valued members.

Mr. Hua Phu Doan – Chairman of the NTTU Business Club reporting the club’s activities in 2022 and Development Orientations in 2023

This time, aiming at expanding comprehensive partnership between NTTU and the selected strategic partner associations, businesses and agencies in improving training and scientific research quality to provide business demand-oriented high quality human resources for businesses, increase of employment and internship for students, the Signing Ceremony focused on the following companies:

+ Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank – VPBank;

+ Vua Nem Joint Stock Company;

+ Dong Nam Bo Auto Joint Stock Company – Hyundai Ngoc An;

+ Sota Group Technology Co., Ltd;

+ Tran Nguyen IT and Telecommunications Company Limited;

+ Net Media Group (VIN Media);

+ CareerBuilder Joint Stock Company;

Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony between Nguyen Tat Thanh University and strategic business partners

Consistently pursuing the learner-centered methodology to realize the educational philosophy of “Real learning – Real practice – Real career- Real success” within the last 23 years, NTTU has always been one of the leading institutions in implementing a strategic alliance of “Universities – Entrepreneurs – Managers – Researchers”. The University always focuses on networking and cooperating with businesses and organizations in various activities such as training, scientific research and technology transfer.

The NTTU Business Club is a forum for all relevant stakeholders to meet, exchange and collaborate to improve training quality to sustain high-quality human resources for the labor market. The strategic partners are extremely supportive to NTTU to offer more practical workshops, laboratories to students to gain hands-on experiences in a real working environment.

Based on close partnerships with businesses, the University develops training modules and arrange them in an appropriate teaching-learning progress in which theoretical modules will be conducted on campus and the practical modules will be offered at the partner enterprises with the participation of teaching experts in their specialized fields. This helps students consolidate knowledge, creativity, practical skills, independent study skills, critical thinking, etc.

In addition to education and training activities, NTTU’s business partners are providing both internship programs and job offers for students to work as full-time employees. Annually, the NTTU Business Club organizes job fairs, network meetings and on-site job recruitment events in cooperation with many enterprises located in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, connecting more than 2,500 businesses and creating thousands of job positions each year.

More photos at the ceremony

Mr. Tran Viet Anh – Chairman of Thu Duc City Business Association and Thu Duc City Business Club, Vice Chairman of HCMC Union of Business Association (HUBA) giving a speech at the ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong – Head of NTTU Business Relations & Student Employment Department sharing about the University’s activities in business partnerships and job offers for graduates

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