Nguyen Tat Thanh University organizes training program: Active Citizens Social Enterprise (ACSE)

Nguyen Tat Thanh University organizes training program: Active Citizens Social Enterprise (ACSE)

In the morning of November 9th and 10th 2019, at An Phu Dong and District 4 campuses, NTTU in collaboration with British Council organized a training program “Active Citizens Social Enterprise (ACSE)”

The 2019 ACSE training program was conducted according to a signed agreement between NTTU and British Council, aiming to encourage creativity, social entrepreneurship amongst all students and staff members.

The program attracted a large number of participants

The program was designed to promote and encourage creativity, social entrepreneurship of all students; provide knowledge and skills regarding active citizens; know and understand about innovative start-up and entrepreneurship creating social impacts. In addition, students attended the training were introduced to learning methods through the shared experiences and roles of facilitators; improvement of skills, questioning, responding, and active listening. Students also gained confidence, empathy, communication skills and facilitation skills for training programs in innovative start-up for students. Particularly, the program promoted innovative start-up spirits, positive and social responsible lifestyles of NTTU’s students.

In the series of programs in entrepreneurship, recently, NTTU successfully organized the 2019 NTTU Start-up Open Day Competition. Specifically, ‘Algae: the raw material’ research project as the winner of the competition was supported to attend the ‘Pupils, students with start-up ideas’ (2019-SV.STARTUP) held by the Ministry of Education and Training in Hanoi. The project won the consolation prize. Especially, it was awarded the bronze medal in the 7th Design, Manufacture and Application in 2019.

NTTU is a nationwide leading institution in implementing national entrepreneurial programs launched by the Ministry of Education and Training with a number of conferences, entrepreneurship training programs. In particular, NTTU added the ‘Entrepreneurship’ as a course in the curriculum of 44 majors. NTTU establishes the 2025 vision as a university of practical application, multidiscipline, multi-level study. NTTU’s education and training are based on the development needs in and outside Vietnam, as well as the regional and international standards. NTTU guarantees to provide high-quality and competitive human resources in Vietnam and overseas. This will be achieved by training, research, public and social services, based on the strategic partnerships between businesses and research institutions.

The ACSE training program’s classes will continue to take place as in the following schedule:

Class 1:

-November 9th and 30th 2019: A.801 Hall, District 4 campus

-November 16th and 23rd 2019: A.802 Hall, District 4 campus

Class 2:

On November 10th, 17th, 24th and December 1st 2019 at Library – 2nd floor reading room, An Phu Dong Campus.

Hồng Quang – Duy Anh

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