Launching event for the European modelled labour market information platform Lab-Movie

On August 24, 2023, Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) successfully organized the program “Launching event for the market information platform Lab-Movie”. The Lab-Movie project is jointly developed by multinational education institutions in Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Vietnam with the purpose of transferring technology and providing labor market information according to the European standards. In Vietnam, there are a total of 6 universities participating in the project and NTTU is the only higher education institution in southern Vietnam conducting research in the field of ICT (Information Technology and Telecommunications).

Overview of the Launching event for the European modelled labour market information platform Lab-Movie

From NTTU, Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – NTTU Vice President and Managerial leaders from NTT Institute of International Education, International Relations Department, Department of Corporate Relations and Job Placement for Students, IT Department, the Faculty of Information Technology, the Youth Union, Student Affairs Department, with a large number of students majoring in IT.

The event welcomes the participation of department heads, faculty deans and business representatives

NTTU also invited guest participants from business partners including Mr. Bui Viet Sang – Deputy Director of Tien Bo Saigon Joint Stock Company, Ms. Doan Thi Nhu Diem – Director of Minh Khoi Production Co., Ltd; Mr. Huynh Tan Dat – CEO of Le Huynh Environmental Technology Co., Ltd; Dr. Le Ba Hai – Director of Alanta Power Technology Company and other business stakeholders and leaders.

Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vice President, introduced the Lab-Movie project and research goals

Introducing the Lab-Movie project and research goals, Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh shared that “The current reports, statistics and forecasts about the labour market are primarily based on a macro perspective which causes difficulties for students to understand. The University has focused on research, conducting surveys and developing a new platform with relevant, scientific, students and businesses-focused with an identified vision for students to approach a source of information and career orientation. In addition, Lab-Movie’s research results also serve as the basis for the University to improve training programs, the quality of high-quality human resources to satisfy the labour market’s needs. After 3 years of research, surveys and report analysis, NTTU has successfully launched the website ( which is a technology platform providing in-depth information about professional figures, positions, career development in the ICT sector.

The survey results and statistical data were inclusively presented by Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh

Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh did not hesitate to share the research findings in the ICT field about different areas such as business scale, situation analysis, customer profiles, career paths and job requirements for employee recruitment. In-depth factors about candidate gender ratio, foreign language proficiency, employment contracts, labour demand, positions and challenges in hirings were also identified and analyzed by the research team.

Mr. Tran Binh Hau shared about the European modelled-labour market information platform Lab-Movie

According to Mr. Tran Binh Hau – Head of IT Department, the users of the platform are students. Hence, the website was built to be simple and easy to retrieve data. Users can access reports, labor market analysis, in-depth information about the ICT sector such as job positions, job descriptions, salaries, career development, etc. The ultimate goal is to connect and serve as a support tool for NTTU’s job portal, as well as a reference source for students to find information about the current ICT field, with a view to expand its operation in different industries. In addition, the website also has survey forms so our business partners can evaluate and contribute ideas to NTTU to build and improve academic training programs.

The Lab-Movie platform appreciated by businesses as a tool for students and employers to “know’’ each other

In the Q&A session, invited delegates expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the results that NTTU has achieved. The Lab-Movie platform is a tool for employers and students to gain mutual understanding with an overview of the labor market in the ICT field such as the current recruitment trends and industry requirements. This helps students to plan their own training and career development path, increasing the rate of getting better job offers after graduation. From the employers’ perspectives, they will be able to identify the personality traits of human resources, thereby building tailor-made training plans, work culture and promotion paths for company personnel.

Representatives made recommendations to improve the platform to become an effective tool for students in finding career information

At the event, the research team transferred the research outcomes and the Lab-Movie platform to the Department of Corporate Relations and Job Placement for Students and IT Department of the University. This will be a useful tool for NTTU students to obtain information and career preparation. It is certain that the project will further expand to many other sectors in the near future through the platform:

The research team members signed a transfer agreement in research results and the Lab-Movie platform


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