Enrollment in Production Management Training course for Samsung Vietnam

Enrollment in Production Management Training course for Samsung Vietnam

This is a very rewarding course for students with two majors offered: Mold Engineering and Applied Electronic Programming for Bachelor graduates in Mechanical engineering and Electronics field. With the educational philosophy ” True learning – True practice – True success – True future” Nguyen Tat Thanh University pay close attention on the tight links between training and jobs, enrollment and employment, through establishing training contracts with firms, job fairs between enterprises, production facilities and students.


Mechanical and electronic engineering students from NTTU during practice session

Based on that, the Samsung Vietnam Production Management Training course will be a combination of theory and practice. During a one-year long course, in the first six months, students will study the theory taught by professors from Yeungjin University. In the remaining 6 months, they will become trainees at Samsung Electronics Corp. in Ho Chi Minh City.    

Location: Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Enrollment time: from 08/02/2017 to 20/02/2017

– Processing time: 21-24.2.2017

– Interview 25.2.2017

– Admission date: 18.3.2017

7.  Tuition: 37 millions/1 year (4 payments)  

After graduating, students are not only granted certificates of completion from Yeungjin University of Korea, but also equipped with knowledge relevant to the new technology of the electronics industry and have the opportunity to work at Samsung Electronics Corp. without going through re-training step. In case the students were not hired by Samsung Vietnam electronics Corp, they would be introduced to work in other Korean companies in Vietnam. With reasonable tuition fees and flexible study time, this course is a great opportunity that graduates should not miss. 

Yeungjin University is an 11-year old institution that has been consistently ranked as one of the most customer satisfied universities. The school also was the most favorite university in Korea for five consecutive years. According to a report by the Ministry of Education in Korea in early 2017, Youngjin University’s graduating student employment rate was the highest: 82.1%



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NGUYEN TAT THANH UNIVERSITY – 300 A, Nguyễn Tất Thành st, Ward 13, District 4, HCMC

Phone: 012-0820-0355 (Miss: Nguyễn Ngọc Yến Vi)        

Email: nnyvy@ntt.edu.vn

Facbook: www.facebook.com/DaiHocNguyenTatThanh/

Writer: Phượng Nguyễn

Photo: Duy Anh 

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