Area of study create ‘’smart products’’, sought after by top tech corps with high salary


NTTU – The field of Mechatronics Engineering has become a ‘hot’ field of study, attracting many young people, especially those who love machinery and have a passion for technology.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has comprehensively changed manufacturing systems worldwide and in Vietnam. The focus of this revolution is the formation of smart factories and digital factories – where machines and equipment are connected, automatically making decisions for the entire factory operation from data collection, analysis of requirements to production planning. Therefore, the field of Mechatronics Engineering has become a ‘hot’ field of study, attracting many young people, especially those who love machinery and have a passion for technology.

Thanks to Industry 4.0, the technology of automation and robotics has become a trend in every industrial production today, where robots are gradually replacing ordinary labor to increase productivity and improve product quality.

As the name of the field of study somewhat suggests, Mechatronics Engineering is a combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer engineering to produce intelligent products that can ‘replace’ the role of humans in production and life. Notable examples include assembling robots, collaborative robot arms, 3D printing robots, self-driving technology, or soft robot designs – the cutting-edge products of the Mechatronics Engineering field today.

On a more familiar level, you can also find mechatronic products manufactured in large quantities in daily life, such as cars, airplanes, or simply medical devices, household appliances, etc. Instead of a ‘classic’ vacuum cleaner that requires manual control, a smart vacuum robot can perform the task perfectly. And that’s just one of the many applications of Mechatronics Engineering today! In those products, modern technology or ‘smart’ features are just one of the requirements; engineers must also understand market rules, user requirements, etc., to create products that are both convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and economically valuable.

Students studying at NTTU will learn and experience state-of-the-art facilities, alongside standard international classrooms, fully equipped with support devices for learning. NTTU also has a series of laboratories with professional, advanced equipment, providing students with opportunities to develop practical skills right in the classroom.

In particular, the processing technology in smartphones, smart homes, smart cities, etc., is also predicted to develop strongly in the future.

Electronics companies such as Samsung, LG Electronics, Samsung, etc., have automated production lines for components and machinery.

In addition, large companies in the textile industry, such as Uniqlo, also operate robot arms for sorting, packaging, and folding clothes to reduce labor at the company’s warehouses.

Mechatronics Engineering, with the combination of three knowledge platforms about mechanics, electronics – electrical engineering, and information technology, is an important and indispensable field in the development of modern scientific and technological applications.

The purpose of this interdisciplinary science is to maximize systematic thinking in the design and development of products to create new products with superior features (smarter, more compact, etc.).

The products of the Mechatronics Engineering field are automated production lines, automatic machine systems, robots, and highly flexible, intelligent devices that handle complex operations.

Students majoring in Mechatronics Engineering at NTTU often participate in academic competitions to enhance their knowledge and experience the practical environment.

Students in the Mechatronics Engineering program at Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU) are equipped with knowledge about integrated computer manufacturing systems, compressed air and hydraulic systems, embedded control systems, smart measurement and control systems as well as knowledge about sensors and robots.

Moreover, at NTTU, students are also encouraged to develop soft skills like logical thinking, creative thinking, teamwork, time management skills, and regularly participate in practical skill development at modern practice centers in businesses.

Technology giants like Intel, Bosch, Nidec, Siemens, Samsung, Mitsubishi, etc., or companies in the mechanical and electronic equipment manufacturing business are the top destinations for current mechatronic engineers.

Many renowned foreign corporations such as Mitsubishi, Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, etc., are currently increasing their investment in Vietnam and are very ‘eager’ for high-quality local human resources, opening up many potential directions for young people who love the field of Mechatronics Engineering.

According to forecasts, the demand for technical personnel in the engineering field in general and mechatronics engineering in particular is quite high and will continue to maintain its attractiveness for the next 10 years – as our country enters a period of rapid and strong development to apply automation in production.

Graduates in Mechatronics Engineering can take on positions such as:
– Officials, civil servants in state agencies from central to local levels.
– Lecturers, researchers at universities, colleges, professional intermediate schools, as well as institutes and research centers in the field of Mechatronics Engineering.
– Design engineers, operation engineers for hardware and software control of machines, automatic devices, automatic production systems in mechanical, electronic companies.
– Consultants on technology, technical design, control programming, execution, and transfer of automatic lines, automatic systems, semi-automation at mechanical, electronic companies.
– Technical directors, heads of technical departments in companies, enterprises related to mechanical, electronic equipment.
– Entrepreneurs in the field of Mechatronics Engineering.


As one of the prestigious universities training in the field of Mechatronics Engineering, NTTU not only provides specialized knowledge about integrated computerized production systems and compressed air-hydraulic systems but also focuses on the experience and practice of students with state-of-the-art practical facilities to develop professional skills and ‘update’ the latest technologies in their field. If you are someone who loves to explore various types of machinery, these laboratories are a paradise for you. In addition, students are also provided with opportunities to develop design and creative skills in electronic products, machinery, and equipment,…

In addition to gaining specialized knowledge, students at NTTU also accumulate soft skills, community spirit,… through volunteer activities organized by the University. This is considered a great strength that makes NTTU students outstanding.

To ensure the job of a mechatronics engineer, the opportunities for students’ practice and internship alongside the theoretical lessons is one of the factors that prestigious universities in Mechatronics Engineering particularly focus on. NTTU has carefully prepared for the future of Mechatronics Engineering students by coordinating with businesses to organize specialized seminars, business internship semesters, as well as signing agreements for recruitment cooperation and internships with various companies, both domestic and international.

At NTTU, in addition to specialized knowledge, students majoring in Mechatronics Engineering are also encouraged to broaden additional essential soft skills to present, organize and implement practical projects in the field of electricity and electronics, alongside soft skills in communication and effective teamwork, etc. NTTU also emphasizes equipping additional soft skills through skill classes, extracurricular programs, club activities,… organized regularly. Through this, students can quickly adapt to various practical working environments, apply the knowledge they have learned to work, and learn the necessary soft skills.

1. Mechatronics major

a. Who are they?

Mechatronics engineers can apply their understanding of mechanics, electronics, information technology, and modern technologies… to integrate it into mechanical systems, automation models, helping simple mechanical systems become smarter and operate more efficiently.

b. Post-graduation jobs

+ Design, operate hardware and software control systems for machines, automatic devices, smart production systems;

+ Analyze, evaluate, consult on technology, technical design, control programming, implementation, and transfer of automatic lines, automatic systems…

+ In charge of the Technical Department in mechanical, electrical, and automation companies.

2. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Major

a. Who are they?

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence engineers play a crucial role in the operation and management of factories and enterprises using robots for automated production processes. They are responsible for tasks related to the design, installation, and improvement of robotic systems.

b. Post-graduation jobs

+ Design, integrate, program, operate, maintain, and repair robotic and artificial intelligence systems; develop machine learning, deep learning, machine vision, and artificial intelligence software.
+ Project management and evaluation, solution consultation, design consultation, project supervision related to robotic and artificial intelligence systems.
+ Sales, technical consulting, and technical service provision in the field of Robotics.

3. Digital Machine Manufacturing Technology major

a. Who are they?

Digital Machine Manufacturing Technology engineers have the capability to design, manufacture, operate, evaluate, and improve advanced manufacturing systems with integrated digital control. They work in factories and enterprises using modern manufacturing systems for fully automated technological processes.

b. Post-graduation jobs

+ Design, manufacture, operate, and maintain mechanical systems and automated manufacturing equipment, smart manufacturing systems.
+ Consult, evaluate, and select technology, technical design solutions, develop smart products in the field of mechanical manufacturing, industrial automation, and automotive.
+ Analyze, evaluate, and provide solutions for businesses in the field of digital manufacturing technology, automated manufacturing.
+ Design and monitor the quality for flexible and intelligent digital control manufacturing processes; develop and manage projects in mechanical equipment manufacturing.
+ In charge of/Specialize in technology; establish a business in Industry 4.0 automation; manufacturing and operations in factories.

4. Automation Mechanical Engineering major

a. Who are they?

Graduates of the Automation Mechanical Engineering program will become Mechatronics engineers with knowledge in mechanics, electronics, and automation to design, manufacture, operate, and maintain automated systems.

b. Post-graduation jobs

Work in industrial manufacturing and automation factories:

+ Design engineers for automated systems.

+ Operation and maintenance of automated systems engineers

+ Production management engineers.

+ Research and development engineers.

Nguyen Tat Thanh University

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